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FOX News
Feb 25, 2011 6:00pm EST
. >> at the white house, with president obama called other heads of state and the aides met for two hours in the situation room, u.s. policy emerged more clearly, centered on individual and multilateral sanctions. weapons embargo and asset freezes. at the same time, secretary of state clinton ordered suspension of all operations at the u.s. embassy in tri poe lie and 19 officers in the building with spirited out of the country on chartered flight to istanbul. a top aide explained what triggered the decision. >> chaos in the street, gunfire begin. >> they have lost control over swath of the country in the east where the opposition figures are forming the ad hoc committee to restore law and order signaled most oil contracts will be upheld. the obama administration made clear the u.s. has yet to open up its own dialogue with the libyan rebels who may run the country. >> i'm not aware of the discussions that we may be having with different folks in libya. >> we have had discussions with other leaders who have been in touch with opposition figures. >> the u.n. human rights council voted to con
FOX News
Feb 24, 2011 11:00pm EST
of states. obama is doing this. imagine if president palin did it. >> that is your last call. we'll see you again tomorrow for a special on the record tea party politics a look at the tea poorty and it's predicted impact on 2012 elections. good night. go to greta wire. hello, mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" from l.a. is on. tonight: >> every once in a while you got to get out of the streets and get a little bloody when necessary. >> intense union debate throughout the country. but in wisconsin, the democratic senators will not come back to the state to vote. laura ingraham and caroline heldman will way in. >> we are not scared of any rats or cowards. we are going to stand strong. >> the dictator qaddafi has now lost control of libya. he will be deposed soon but will president obama have him arrested as terrorist? we will debate that? >> my kid is not here. is he dead because of him. he ruined my [bleep] life. >> a corrupt judge accused by a mother of murder. wait until you hear. this i would like him to go to hell and rot there forever. >> megyn kelly with the story. >> bill: cauti
Feb 17, 2011 3:00am EST
to his combative approach to new jersey's democratic dominated legislature. he mocked his obama-backed predecessor john core sooin who said he would sleep on a cot in his office until the new jersey cries i was averted. >> i said you want to pass income tax increase, that's fine. i am going to veto it. and if you want to close down the government because of that, that's fine. but i want to tell you something. i am not moving any cot into the office to sleep in here. take a look at me. you think i'm sleeping on a cot? we submitted a budget that cut real spending 9% year over year. every department of state government was cut. and we balanced the budget without any new or increased taxes. >> then he attacked president obama for pushing investments in his state of the union speech. >> the big things are high speed rail. the big things are high speed internet access. a million electric cars on the road by some date. ladies and gentlemen, that is the candy of american politics. those are not the big things, because let me guarantee you something. if we don't fix the real big things,
FOX News
Feb 16, 2011 6:00pm EST
spending cuts. president obama huddles with senate democrats over his new budget proposal and a man many would like to see running for president makes an impression here in d.c. live from the studio in washington. this is special report. >> brett: good good evening. the ballot how to save your money is getting tougher. federal government's balance sheet is getting lower as the days tip down toward a major deadline. carl cameron is watching the fiscal carnage on capitol hill. good evening. >> reporter: in the quest to cut more than $60 billion from current spending congress today approved an amendment that would de-fund a back up engine for the ficht 35 joint fighter jet. it could cost a lot of jobs and would save more than $3 billion over the next couple of years on a jet engine the pentagon said they didn't want in the first place. >> when it comes to cutting programs by democrats, the left is fighting back from those that jobs could be lost. >> this is deeper than what we have faced before. >> reporter: democrats blasted the plan to eliminate the budget for corporation for public broad
Feb 14, 2011 10:00am EST
continue to grow while domestic spending is going to be flat over the next 5-10 years under president obama's budget. there was a much ballyhooed announcement they were cutting $70 billion over the next five years at the pentagon. but in fact, that was a reduction from a previous projections for growth. so, the total amount -- which is a famous budget tricky here in washington -- so the total amount will continue to increase. i think as we discussed earlier, the major programs are continuing on. some of them slightly scaled back but the budget is still projecting a second engine for the f-35 although the president opposes that. congress continues to spend on that. it should be noted the factory where it will be billed is next to john vander's district in ohio. and at other military programs. where there may be reductions in military spending may be supplemental authorization as we wind down the wars in iraq and afghanistan, presuming the political situation in those countries go well. the caller mentioned nasa. nasa was slated for cuts in the house republican plans, along with a lot of scie
Feb 9, 2011 6:00am EST
was very tough on him. i mean, i question obama. that's what you're supposed to do. by the way, o'reilly, you know, that's what o'reilly does and obama knew what he was getting into. it would be much better to have that back and forth which worked well for barack obama, thank you very much. >> pat buchanan, norah o'donnell and jonathan capehart. there you go. >> it's stunning, though. bill maher, bill o'reilly's not a patriot? >> that's ridiculous. >> look at what bill maher said about george w. bush and dick cheney. they were body blows for eight straight years. >> look, you invite bill o'reilly for a q & a, you get bill o'reilly for a q & a. sam donaldson did the same thing when he interviewed presidents back in the 1980s. people would say, here comes sam. if you can't handle it, get out of the kitchen. >> the president did handle it. i think the president got the best of everybody on there and the millions and millions and millions of people watching saw a president when he was asked why do people hate you, saw him laugh. he brushed the question aside and this is good for him.
FOX News
Feb 16, 2011 1:00am EST
'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: right now president obama is getting barbecued. raked over the colts for his new budget. he woke to blistering headlines -- each one worse than the next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ forget you >> greta: many you know that was the g-rated version of that song. you get the point. even the usually adoring huffington post is attacking president obama president obama is not hiding. he's facing the media, defending his budget. >> the president: what we've done is we've been very specific in terms of how to stabilize the discretionary budget. to make sure we are not adding additional debt. by 2015. then, let's together democrats and republicans tackle these long term problems in a way that i think will ensure our fiscal health at the same time ensure we are making investments in the future. >> greta: here are the raw numbers. to put it in perspective, look at our budget last year. the bulk is spent on medicare, medicaid, social security and defense. you can see that on the chart. president obama's budget does not cut a dime from medicare, medicaid or social s
FOX News
Feb 7, 2011 9:00am EST
: -- >> martha: it was a -- it's the big presuper bowl faceoff that everybody talked about, president obama sat down with bill o'reilly before kickoff, the leader of the free world tackling tough questions from bill o'reilly on super bowl sunday, they took on the economy, whether or not the president is actually moving to the center, the crisis in egypt, whether mubarek needs to go, canadait, cordial, fascinating interview. we're going to break it down moments from now, we'll go through with how he felt it all went down, that is going on inside "america's newsroom" this morning. >>> then there is this: a possible turning point in egypt today. reports this morning that a new cabinet is having their very first meeting since this crisis began two weeks ago, protestors, though, once again filling into their position necessary tahrir square, they are refusing to budge until president mubarek steps down. i'm martha maccallum on a monday in "america's newsroom". rick: nice to be with you, i'm rick folbaum. transition talks, set to get underway in cairo. martha: antigovernment protestors saying they w
Feb 16, 2011 11:00pm EST
asked you is president obama backing wisconsin workers 100%? 16% of you said yes. 84% of you said no. >>> the hot new candidate for president is from jersey. >> this is one popular guy in the gop. >> put up or shut up time. >> the new champion of right wing slash and burn budgets, governor chris christie wants the rest of the country to be like new jersey. but 49 states say they don't want to be like jersey. >> real housewives of new jersey, and now most regrettably the "jersey shore." not a place that thought of itself as a national leader. >> he wants republicans to cut spending no matter who it hurts and conservatives love that. >> why are so many republicans going gaga over chris christie? >> chris christie is riding a wave. >> speak it bluntly and directly, he repeatedly said he does not want to run. >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. >> is he so great or is the rest of the field that lousy? >> his draconian cuts will end up costing more jobs and have fewer people working. >> and while he was wowing conservatives, democrats and republica
FOX News
Feb 18, 2011 1:00pm EST
described by "the new york times" as the political machine for president obama. the president's chief political apparatus. if you good to their website, you will see a message saying, "organizing for america is mobilizing on the ground in wisconsin to defend the rights of public 'em mroipies by an attempt by the governor to take away their right to organize." this is not necessarily all grassroots, that it's very much organized by the d.n.c. and the president's chief political apparatus. on the third day of protest, which we're watching today, teachers staging a mass sick out. they're angry over a budget bill that will strip them of bargaining rights. dozens of schools had to be closed. the 14 senate democrats that high-tailed it out of the state yesterday so they could not be arrested by law enforcement and forced back by a vote have not been seen since, leaving that vote hanging in the balance. it will not take placen the senate until they get at least one democrat. chris, the agency, the url is barack, is very much on the ground. >> and they called it an assault on unions
FOX News
Feb 13, 2011 4:00pm EST
obama will be unveiling his 2012 budget. pitting the white house plans against the gop house. as they promise to slash $100 billion this year and if democrats won't work with them, molly henneberg said. >> steve what is in the president's 2012 budget? >> its blueprint that aims to reduce the deficit by $1.1 trillion over two years and cost cutting measures including grants to the state, airport funding and public health programs. here is how the budget director describes it. >> we have to start living within our means. our budget will get us over the next several years to the point where we can look at the american people in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore. we're spending money we have each year and then we can work on bringing down our national debt. >> reporter: the budget cuts to defense spending but does not cut the third rail of politics, medicare and social security. >> gregg: the entitlement programs, steve, the president seems to be responding to gop demands for the budget cuts what is the republican reaction so far? >> reporter: they don't think
FOX News
Feb 23, 2011 6:00pm EST
news alert. president obama spoke out about libya an hour ago and called the bloodshed outrageous and unacceptable and said he will look at a full range of options to respond. white house correspondent wendell goler has details. >> reporter: in his first on-camera comment about the libyan crisis since it began, president obama insisted the violence against the people of that country come to an end. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it's unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot protesters and further punish people of libya. >> reporter: the president has been underfire from conservatives, including sarah palin, a potential challenger in 2012 for not commenting earlier in a crisis in a facebook posting palin said, "now is the time to speak out for the long-suffering libyan people." while other countries have been able to evacuate some of their citizens the u.s. has not been able to dock a chartered ferry to tri poe lie until today. and they made it clear that the president is focused on the passengers. >> the safety of american citizens is obviously a concern
Feb 16, 2011 8:00pm EST
dominated legislature. he mocked his obama-backed predecessor john core sooin who said he would sleep on a cot in his office until the new jersey cries i was averted. >> i said you want to pass income tax increase, that's fine. i am going to veto it. and if you want to close down the government because of that, that's fine. but i want to tell you something. i am not moving any cot into the office to sleep in here. take a look at me. you think i'm sleeping on a cot? we submitted a budget that cut real spending 9% year over year. every department of state government was cut. and we balanced the budget without any new or increased taxes. >> then he attacked president obama for pushing investments in his state of the union speech. >> the big things are high speed rail. the big things are high speed internet access. a million electric cars on the road by some date. ladies and gentlemen, that is the candy of american politics. those are not the big things, because let me guarantee you something. if we don't fix the real big things, there will be no electric cars on the road. >> he then addr
Feb 7, 2011 7:00am EST
: good morning, and welcome to "washington journal" on this monday, february 7, 2011. president obama will -- the chamber of commerce today for the first time as commander in chief. we will carry that live this morning on c-span at 11:30 a.m. our question to start "washington journal" -- should president obama court of the business community? the numbers to call -- let's take a look at a peace in "usa today" talking about the president's address at the chamber of commerce. obama faces business leaders. host: should the president of the business community? matt, caller from manhattan. what do you think the president should do here? caller: i think he ought to stand up to the business community once and for all. big business, corporations, don't pay taxes. corporations write their own regulations. the regulation is there should be no regulation. they are masters at obtaining what they once a through the government'. and if president obama had any hutzpah backbone, he would be in their face and represent the individual taxpayer. again, thank you for c-span. host: caller from illinois. we
Feb 12, 2011 11:00pm EST
done by the blizzard of obama administration job- crushing which it -- regulation. but we cannot today to what needs to be done for our country. so as we prepare for starting today for the next 21 months, i ask you to remember the words of my fellow mississippian, fred smith, the founder and ceo of that act. fred says, "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." [laughter] [applause] and the main thing is electing a republican president next year. [applause] we cannot put america on the right track until we elect a republican president in 2012. and a republican senate to join the republican house in enacting those crucial policies. we will not have the policies that lead to economic growth, job creation, smaller government, lower taxes, less spending, rational regulations, and the stronger american presence in the world in every dimension until we had a republican president to lead for those right policies, the ones that will achieve the right results for america and the world. namaste, the reckless policies of the obama administration and the left-wing congress has brou
Feb 16, 2011 7:00am EST
, we saw president obama unveiled his 2012 budget proposal. if you go to, we have a budget page available. you can look back /budget. with events we have been covering -- hearings. all of it can be found there. we also have a list of amendments for this 2011 spending bill debated in the house. if you are interested in who has to file amendments and what issue, go to, and there you can find a list of amendments. upper marlboro, maryland. libya is a moderate. what do you think? caller: i think there should be moderation and all things. part of the problem is half of the legislators are working on the budget cuts -- and the other half should be working on the jobs bill. it is a no-brainer, if you put people back to work it will make a dent in the deficit. 15 million people unemployed? they would be paying taxes, federal and state taxes, buying appliances and spending money. and another thing that irritates me, when they talk about entitlements. i worked 30 years for my civil service retirement, standing out in the rain and cold and sleet and snow, five degre
Feb 20, 2011 9:00am EST
of the entitlements. obama is right to -- on the continuing resolution. but then when we resolve that issue -- and i think we will resolve it in some way -- then you have to buy nature get to entitlements. >> you can have a debate -- >> they know it. they are starting to acknowledge it. >> the president said the reblicans' cuts are too deep and it t threatens a a veto. >> let's use a scalpel. >> house speaker johnoehner says if the president t does not cut deeply, republicans will. >> for the last two years since the president has taken off as the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in it, so be it. we are broke. >> so what? >> they are fighting over this 12%. it the whole game is elsewhere. but like the two political parties -- both the republicans and democrats, while the rest of the country is saying we have a problem with the dead but the two politil parties -- >> they are fighting about -- maybe they will get to it but they did not show -- >> they are writing about subsidies for poor people and heating in the northeast -- fighting about subs
FOX News
Feb 17, 2011 9:00pm EST
created so far. >> sean: this week the obama budget edition. >> plus governor christie has a few choice words for the white house. >> we are teetering on the edge of disaster. >> sean: hannity starts right here, right now. tonight wisconsin has reached a boiling point. protests growing after governor walker made it clear to union they've eaten their last free lunch in his state. the controversy began when he unveiled his budget to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most state workers to gain control of the per little -- perilous economic situation. a vote was to be held on the budget. all democratic state senators cowardly fled and went into hiding to prehaven't a vote. later this afternoon they -- prevent a vote. later this afternoon they were found held up in an illinois resort. thousands of teachers who would be affected by the measure refused to show up for work. that selfish move forced a number of schools to shutdown. what may shock you is what going on inside. take a close look at the vitriol and violent rhetoric spewed at these rallies compareing the government to hitler
Feb 22, 2011 8:00pm EST
the legislature held hearings on a collective bargaining bill similar to the one in wisconsin. president obama made an appearance in ohio but stuck to his winning the future message at a small business forum at cleveland state university. >> small businesses like yours that help drive america's economic growth, they are the cornerstones of america's promise. the idea that if you have a dream and have the work ethic to see it through, you can succeed. >> he did not get any more controversial or bold than that in his speech. not a word. not a word about the labor protests in wisconsin or the similar situation in the very state he was in at the time or in neighboring indiana. a new usa gallup poll finds the rest of the country firmly, firmly on the side of state democrats that are fighting to preserve collective bargaining rights. the poll says that 61% would oppose a law in their state like the one proposed in wisconsin, and 33% would favor such a law. joining me now, msnbc analyst and huffington post senior political editor, howard fineman. howard, thanks for joining me. >> hi, lawrence. >> how
Feb 1, 2011 1:00pm EST
for the program nationally and locally? those are espoused by ice and the obama administration and those that have been publicly stated by participating state and local levels of government. third, how is the -- how has the program implemented originally or sense the 2009 program revisions by the obama administration? how strong is program oversight and supervision? the u.s. and general government accountability office and dhs office of inspector general have been highly critical in recent reports and we want to see how this was working in practice in our 7-study sites. are the costs, benefits, and community benefits? these are difficult to quantify we do provide the qualitative evidence around these impacts as well as an affirmation more quantitated. finally, we make recommendations for improving the program. there are basically two major framing issues around our findings that i would like you to keep in mind during this presentation. the first of these is on the level of targeting. this has changed somewhat over the course of the program's history. ship date 287-g program focus on people that t
Feb 25, 2011 1:00am EST
lukewarm in my opinion. the only statement president obama has made on this story was eight days ago when he spoke to a local nbc affiliate in milwaukee. >> i would say as a general proposition that everybody's got to make some adjustments to new fiscal realities. on the other hand, some of what i've heard coming out of wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems like more of an assault on unions. and i think it's very important for us to understand that public employees, they're our neighbors. they're our friends. >> okay. okay. good. but we need a little bit more. the president has let that sound bite stand on its own for over a week. in the past eight days this story has completely changed, intensified, and evolved. one week ago today the wisconsin 14 left the state to block the governor from getting his way on the bill. on saturday over 80,000 people filled the capitol grounds in madison and governor walker rejected an offer from all the wisconsin public employee unions that would have given him the money that he was aski
Feb 1, 2011 7:00am EST
"washington journal" is next. . . host: we want to get your thoughts this morning on the obama administration's approach to egypt, what they have done and what they have said so far. the phone numbers are on the screen for you. we have a fourth line for egyptians living in the united states. before we get to your phone calls and hear more from the white house, jim michaels joined us on the phone. jim michaels, "usa today" military writer and he is in egypt. mr. michaels, can you set the scene for us? what is it like? guest: it is a massive protest. what has been remarkable over the past couple of days is just the fact that both sides, despite the tension and the numbers of people and all the risks, both the army and the people protesting have avoided, until now, any confrontation or violence. there are thousands of people pouring into tahrir square. the chanting is going on. it's almost like a festival atmosphere. some people have their faces painted with the egyptian national colors. people are bringing kids in some cases. there's a lot of chanting going on. there's a couple effigies of muba
Feb 11, 2011 12:00pm EST
barack obama and his liberal agenda. now, that being said there's a couple of things that are not being discussed additionally disturbing because they are not being addressed. that first and foremost is the immigration and its inextricable ties to cripple activity and fundamental islamic extremism. and they are tied. now, i promise i will be short. look, as americans where entity generations that came before us and you know this un-american unapologetic appeasement by this president to these fundamentalist islamic groups thinking that they will coddle us and they're going to accept us for what he is saying is a big joke. now, i have a little bit of a message to all these self proclaimed politically correct and practicing peacefully practicing muslims, and, you know, collect my thoughts year. a lot of them, some here in this very same room and maybe backstage, there are sympathizers. they pretty much, they turn a blind eye to what the issue is that if they continue to turn a blind eye to the problem that is fundamentalism, whether they turn a blind eye to the cousin, brother, father, who
Feb 18, 2011 1:00pm EST
ouster. >>> and today deep concerns from president obama moments ago aboardair force one as reports of more bloodshed in bahrain emerge. security forces opened fire on thousands defying a government crackdown in the capital city. we've got live reports coming from the region. >>> plus, call him the new sheriff on capitol hill. he takes aim at some sweetheart loans for congress. oversight committee chair darryl issa will join us light. >>> and the fight over spending cuts led one member of congress to make a very personal revelation. >>> plus "hardball's" chris matthews takes us behind the clinton phenomenon. >> when i was leaving the white house, i thought of myself as a guy who had been let's say a star quarterback in the nfl. >> good day, everybody. i'm norah o'donnell live in washington. andrea mitchell is off today, and we begin with the big story in wisconsin where tens of thousands of protesters are accusing the republican governor, mr. walker, of trying to balance the budget on the backs of state workers, raising health care and pension costs. in addition, protesters accuse t
Feb 28, 2011 5:00pm EST
and the obama administration seizing the moment. now issuing an urgent new call for democracy in iran. could the government of ahmadinejad be the next to fall in the middle east? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> a defiant moammar gadhafi is refusing to acknowledge any signs of political turmoil in his country. in interviews with the bbc and abc news reported today that gadhafi fiercely denied using force against his own people. >> they love me. all my people are with me. they love me owl. they will die to protect me and my people. no, no, no. >> if you say they do love you, then why are they capturing benghazi and they say they are against you there? >> my people, they come from outside. >> he was referring to al qaeda. meanwhile, the u.s. treasury department has announced it's freezing at least $30 billion in libyan government assets here in the united states. it's reportedly the largest amount ever blocked under any sanctions program. we're covering this story from every angle on the ground as only the global resources of cnn can. let's go to our senior international c
Feb 2, 2011 12:00pm EST
objection. mr. demint: thank you, mr. president. this week, president obama gave a speech about health care, or actually i guess it was last week now. the speech was at a fancy hotel near washington, and he told jokes to make everyone laugh and sad stories to endear his audience further to his cause. the president said, as he has many times before, his law will lower the cost of health care. president obama knows how to give a good speech and he also knows how to tell it like it isn't. while president obama was busy selling his policies on the stump, others were busy analyzing the real effects of his health care law. it's not limiting cost. now, we heard some of the figures given by the democrats here from the congressional budget office but we have to expose that they're really playing with numbers. if you tell the congressional budget office to take $500 billion from medicare that's already bankrupt and can't pay doctors to see patients, but you take $ 500 billion and call that savings that are created by obama-care -- that's part of where they get their money. the other part is to raise
Feb 6, 2011 1:00pm EST
gather that mr. tyrrell, still... obama care and wonder why the u.s. is so... [inaudible]. >> doctor, are you in favor of the health care plan, that passed last year? >> caller: i am... the obama health care plan, i think it did only a partial, partially satisfactory and would prefer something more on the style of the european or japanese plan or the canadian plan. >> thank you, sir. >> well, rights now, the japanese and europeans are fixing up their entitlement expense and they have a huge ex-suspension and are rioting in the streets. we don't have that yet and we can still avoid it and we can provide health care through private -- through the private medical system that is far more efficient and effective than obamacare. so, i'm going to stick with the future that works. privatization. i hope we don't go into public health care, because, i think that it would just, if you want to know what -- where it leads, well, it leads to greece, to spain, and, right now, they are faced with the terrible problem. and we have -- don't have that problem yet. and, it is not too late to avoid that
Feb 18, 2011 7:00pm EST
day. we dealt know how long the protests will continue. on president obama billion dollar transportation department budget for 2012. the transportation secretary was our guest on this morning's washington journal. it's 40 minutes.contin screen making aking return visit to thea washingtol journal we are pleased to have the secretary of transportation ari lahood. t we want to talk about the budget but i want to starte budget but i want to start with a budget battle in florida over high-speed rail because you are right in the middle of it. tell our audience about. guest: the governor decided he did not want to move ahead -- after two decades of planning by rail enthusiasts and government officials, after a very strong commitment on the floor of the legislature come after our commitment to give the second largest amount of high-speed rail money, over $2 billion, the governor made the decision that he doesn't want to move ahead with this. we have really accommodated every concerned that he had. i met with the governor on three different occasions and we talked about high-speed
Feb 17, 2011 5:00pm EST
strange. the latest from karl rove that the white house, barack obama, is engineering the birther stuff because it makes republicans look silly. it's obama's fault. excuse me, karl, it's republicans who mess with the birthers. we begin with what has become a huge national story. the wild sensation in wisconsin centered in madison. for a second straight day, schoolteachers and other employees have called in six or done some other job action. all of the democratic state senators in the legislature have blocked passage of the bill by apparently splitting from the state they're out of the state. the scene in wisconsin looks to be a long awaited confrontation between republican state houses in the power of democratic leaning public employee unions. let's turn to michael bolten. a union director for the steel workers. thank you. michael bolten, sir, thank you for joining us. if you have to explain this to somebody from norway or not out there, what's this about? >> this is a so-called budget repair bill has nothing to do with repairing the budget. has nothing to do with creating 250,000 jobs.
FOX News
Feb 17, 2011 6:00am EST
a political position that the parties have taken and yesterday, barack obama was talking to a local affiliate, channel 9 somewhere where he took a political position regarding some of the entitlements. he said social security, we have to tweak a little bit, but basically, we can finance that well into the future. the big drivers of deficit and debt are medicare and medicaid, rising health care costs so the president's political position is for people who are on social security and fixed income, don't worry. your president is not going to touch it. if anybody touches it and if anybody tries to fix it essentially that's what the republicans would say. >> that goes into his whole main plattform of his biggest piece of legislation which is health care. >> you have to fix social security. >> right. but what he's doing is he's -- he's only thinking about getting re-elected, many say, so what he's doing is he's saying i'm going to save you a bunch of money because of the health care initiative that i passed. that's why he's focusing on medicaid and medicare. >> for the first time in decades, we're
Feb 27, 2011 8:30am PST
teachers. it's ruining our education system. >> schieffer: what do you think of president obama's plans to reform education at the federal level? his let's reward good teachers, his, you know, the things that secretary duncan has outlined. are you generally think he's on the right track? >> i do. and i've said that publicly. i think the president has shown real courage, especially for a democrat who has been dependent upon the teachers union nationally for political support to come out for merit pay and race to the top, and some of the things he's done to push reform. i think the president has been on the right track. i'm concerned about comments i heard yesterday from secretary duncan that seemed to be blowing the horn of retreat on that a little bit. i hope that's not an election year ploy to cozy back up to the unions as the president prepares for re-election. in general, i think the president has been very strong on this. that's why you see republicans agreeing with him on it. >> schieffer: you have a reputation as a straight talker, i think. do you believe that the budgetary proble
FOX News
Feb 16, 2011 9:00am EST
from the budget, president obama threatening a veto of that idea saying he will overrule any cuts he finds disruptive. $14 trillion in red ink. who blinks first? you'll hear both sides today in "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime, the riots are spreading in parts of the middle east, antigovernment protests now popping up in yemen, iran, libya, and bahrain, moments ago in bahrain, watch and listen to this: >> [explosions] >> bill: as you can see and hear from the gunfire, those protests taking a deadly turn. good morning, everybody. we will continue to monitor this out of bahrain out of parts of the middle east. i'm bill hemmer. well -- welcome to "america's newsroom". martha: busy day, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. one person shot dead, several others seriously wounded in that country's capitol and this is the scene in iran: >> progovernment demonstrations taking place, the hard line regime threatening to kill any opposition protestors or leaders. they want them executed, despite the warning, thousands of people continue to fill the streets in tehran. >> gunfir
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Feb 2, 2011 6:00am EST
. in the meantime, the president of our country, president obama, he went to the air waves last night for a very short speech with an update on the situation in egypt. listen to this. and then we'll discuss the meaning of the word now. >> now, it is not the role of any other country to determine egypt's leaders. only the egyptian people can do that. what is clear and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak is belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful and must be peaceful and it must begin now. >> what does now mean? does that mean today or does it mean the september election? not clear. >> they talked about 30 minute and said in july, i'm not going to -- in september, i'm not going to run again. in august, i'll retire and he indicated his son is not going to be next. when he said his son was going to be next, that's when the people of egypt hit the roof and said you got to be kidding me. he has a tendency to jail his opponents that have a legitimate shot of beating him. question is, is that enough? are the egyptian people going to say is that a slow exit? but if hosni mubarak p
Feb 21, 2011 7:00am EST
, michigan, an arab- american. your perspective? >> i have watched the news very diligently. barack obama has a very high approval rating internationally. and there is a large cast in the cia. by friends and i feel that this is an effort by the obama administration and the cia. that they are behind these uprisings. i am very happy and have confidence in the days event and what he is doing. i know that this whole episode is an effort to free middle eastern dictatorship. we are very happy here. dinky. -- thank you. host: where are you from, originally? caller: arabia. host: rachel is a democrat from beaufort, south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: i am all right. caller: we went into iraq and killed 4000 and lost 4000 of our people. with my children were there. we killed over 100,000 people in that country. now, here we go again. you have got people sleeping outdoors. you have not even clean up new orleans. but let's go and do some more killing. the united states lies in their hands are dripping in blood. i pray that we change and leave people alone. post of febr
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Feb 17, 2011 1:00pm EST
we'll bring you new developments as we get them. jenna: the obamas are going to go to the u.k. and make an official state visit to the u.k. it's scheduled for the end of may. that's what's happening for them. they were invited by queen elizabeth. so they get that invitation at the end of may. the question is, will they be there for the wedding at the end of april? jon: we'll find out. thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert and a story out of wisconsin with big implications nationwide. we're awaiting today's vote on a budget bill that tackles that state's $3.5 billion red ink. the proposal enough to ignite protests so intense lawmakers say they're afraid to be seen in the capital today. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. tens of thousands of pro-union protesters converging on the capital. this is live. union teachers calling out sick, forcing at least two dozen wisconsin school districts to close for the second day in a row. parents, very upset. students are now even getting involved. >> reporter: madison east? >> yes. so
Feb 18, 2011 2:00am EST
, the architect? the white house, barack obama is engineering the birther stuff because it makes republicans look silly. it's republicans who are afraid to mess with the birthers. every time i talk to one, they're afraid to say it's nonsense. we begin with the wild sensation out in washington. for the second straight day, madison skpool teachers and other public employees have called in to sick or done some other kind of job action. meanwhile, all 14 of the democratic state senators have blocked passage of the anti-union bill by simply apparently splitting from the state. they're out of the state. the scene in wisconsin appears to be a long-awaited confrontation between republican state houses and the power of democratic-leaning public employee unions. let's turn to the union director for the united steelworkers. also joining us by phone sf glenn grotham. michael bolton, sir, thank you for joining us from the steelworkers. thank you. michael bolten, sir, thank you for joining us. if you have to explain this to somebody from norway or not out there, what's this about? >> this is a so-called budget
Feb 18, 2011 6:00am EST
't know. i don't know. we'll see. >> palin then slammed president obama's budget, which she says does little to reduce the deficit. >> i think that's an overstatement to say we are making a dent in the national debt and in this practice of deficit spending, because it's not really even a dent. i mean, maybe a littthumb print positively affecting what we need done with the deficit, and the debt. not nearly enough. his spending plan does add to the debt and does allow for the next ten years, still, deficit spending. that is the wrong road to be on. that will not cure economic ilz in our country. >> all right. she alsopraised cuomo. she criticized questions of obama's -- oh, no. citizenship, and she called it a distraction. >> good for her. >> there is still -- into his third year as president, there are still some people out there still questioning president obama's faith and citizenship. do you question his faith and citizenship? >> i don't, and those are distractions. what we're concerned about the economy and the policies coming out of his administration. >> all right. i found someth
Feb 27, 2011 4:30pm EST
with the republicans, and by the time barak obama ran for president, they got more, but the price of that was a betrayal of the working class that traditionally the democratic party and liberal institutions had once protected. our great failure for those of us who care about ordinary, the rights of ordinary citizens is that in 1994 with the passage of nafta, we did not stand up for the working class and turn our back on the democratic party. we continued to support democratic politicians who spoke in the traditional language of liberalism, but betrayed every single core liberal value. welfare reform, we now face the prospect with this new midterm election of unemployment benefit s for tens of millions of citizens running out or being allowed to run up without being extended which will mean that many of these people will have to attempt to survive on the $143 a month you receive from welfare curtesy of the democratic party. the deregulation of the banking system, the deregulation of the fcc, i just spent the fall teaching at the university of toronto, and they don't have a banking
Feb 23, 2011 6:00pm PST
brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> a major victory for supporters of same-sex marriage. the obama administration announced it will stop defending federal law banning same-sex marriages and could have an impact on the court fight over prop 8 here in california. abc 7 is live tonight with reaction. >> well the word went out today by people with the marriage equality to stage a rally here, a celebration rally on what for many was a surprise announcement by the obama administration. the president ordered his administration to stop defending the constitutionality of the federal law banning recognition of gay marriage. and declaring the 15-year-old defense of marriage act indefensible. the law had defined marriage only between a man and a woman. >> this is is a water shed moment. our president and representative stands with us i think the bottom line you can take is that this is the official position of the obama administration that sexual orientation is a constitutionally protected class and same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. the defense of marriage act, federal equivalent of
Feb 19, 2011 8:00pm EST
of president obama's infrastructure and technology agenda. after that, former president george h. w. bush and john lewis received the presidential medal of freedom at the white house. recently, former president jimmy carter sat down at the lyndon johnson presidential library in texas to talk about his presidency and the situation in the least. he commented on his work with the carter center. this form as an hour and 15 minutes. -- this forum is an hour and 15 minutes. >> my name is tom johnson. i'm a friend of the lbj family. 16 years ago, the first harry middleton lector took place in this auditorium. the next day, ladybird johnson, who established the lectureship to honor the man who was then library director, wrote to him to express her pride and her gratification that the event had been "a watershed day in the life of the lbj library." she was moved by what she felt was the chemistry that the speaker had created between himself and his audience, which was heavily composed that day by students. contrary to the fog of cynicism and gloom we have seen as a country to have been wrapped in
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